Spices and General Items

Spices & General Items


methi seeds, Fenugreek

The Fenugreek seeds by Oswal Seeds & Chemicals bring goodness and rich, aromatic flavour in a quality packaging, to your kitchen. This seed is an essential ingredient in Indian and many other international cuisines as well. The unique bitter sweet taste of the small, yellow seeds, also known as methi, is used to flavour a variety of dals, beans and vegetable dishes to make them more flavourful and nutritious. These seeds can be used as whole or in the powdered form and are at times also used to add a spicy zing to breads, pickles, chutneys and seafood. These small seeds relieve diarrhea, chronic cough and also ease digestion. The best part of these fenugreek seeds is that they are produced organically without the use of harmful chemicals by the reputed organic at Oswal Seeds & Chemicals.


ajwain seeds,Carom seeds

Also known as Ajowan, Carom and Bishop's Weed. Has a flavour similar to Thyme or Caraway Seeds. Used traditionally in Indian cuisine.
Ajwain seeds have a strong flavour that resembles caraway seeds, yet slightly more bitter. The aroma is very similar to thyme (and strangely similar to our mix of Zahtar).
These seeds come from a plant that is of a similar family group to parsley (not the lovage plant). Ajwain seeds are not the same thing as lovage seeds but are commonly confused as they are very similar in appearance. This TRS packet suggests the content to be ajwain/lovage, however since they are not the same thing, we believe this to be ajwain (as far as we can tell from the flavour).


kalonji,Nigella seeds

Kalonji, which may also be called nigella, refers to small black seeds grown on Kalonji bushes, which are grown widely through India. The plant may have originally been grown in Turkey and/or Italy, but according to herbal lore has been grown in India for several millennia. Kalonji is both flavoring, added to a variety of traditional foods, and an herbal remedy that has been touted as the magic bullet for a variety of ailments.
Oswal Seeds & Chemicals Organic Kalonji has a pungent bitter taste and smeel,is used as a flavoring agent and as a herbal remedy.It contains valuable nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, essential unsaturated fatty acids,calcium,potassium and vitamins.

Chick Peas(White Kabuli)

White Kabuli,chick peas supplier

Amazing foodstuff and N-fixing covercrop. 100 days to maturity. Our's is the large-seeded "White Kabuli." One of the best sources of dietary fiber, chickpeas help lower LDL cholesterol, and also regulate the blood sugar. Easily grown in the home garden and oh so tasty! Plant prefers full sun and good garden soil. Chickpeas take 90 to 100 days to mature, so get started early--early spring frosts do not bother them, and they germinate fine in cool soil. Prepare a fine seedbed and make shallow furrows 2 feet apart and 2 inches deep. Barely cover seed and tampo securely. Keep evenly moist until germination, which takes about a week. Thin plants to 6 inches apart. Cultivate as needed and disallow weeds. When the pods become full, discontinue watering and allow to dry on the plant. Harvest, thresh and winnow in the usual manner.


sesame seeds,Safed Til

Sesame seeds are most commonly known as “Safed Til” in all over India. These are most widely used Panipuri Poori in Indian Cuisine. Sesame seeds are tiny, flat oval seeds with a nutty, sweet aroma, buttery-milk like taste and a delicate, almost invisible crunch. Sesame seed are one of the first recorded seasonings. It grows widely in India and Asia. In India, the seeds are sprinkled on baked goods and added to rice dishes, sauces, and stuffing. Sesame seeds are extensively used in making Indian desserts such as Til Pitha (sesame seeds ball),pinni (sweet sesame balls generally sesame seeds are mixed with jaggery to make a kind of sweet, and roasted mungfali In Cuban cuisine, sugar and Black sesame seeds are combined into a bar resembling peanut brittle and sold in stores and street corners.


tukmaria seeds

Tukmaria seeds, also known as Basil seeds or Chia seeds is known to be a super food as it provides concentrated nutrition and fiber. Tukmaria seeds, also known as Sabja are effective in weight loss, stress reliever, treats cold, and reducing weight and blood sugar. Basil seeds have potential to reduce appetite and food cravings. Tukmaria are small black seeds known for its ayurvedic benefits and as a cooking ingredient, especially in sweets and puddings. The seeds are soaked in water and 'swell' up, giving a gelatinous texture. Popular for the drink Falooda.Tukmaria and sabza are another name for basil seeds. Tukmaria has a very mild flavour (rather like poppy seeds) and is generally used in light desserts thanks to its gelatinous properties when it's soaked and swells in water.


coriander seeds

Coriander is the dried seed or fruit of the Coriandrum sativum plant, which belongs to the parsley family. Cilantro is the leaf of this same plant and surprisingly, its flavor is vastly different from that of coriander. Cilantro has a complex but delicate flavor with a hint of pepper, mint and lemon. Coriander has a sweet, aromatic taste with a touch of citrus. Coriander seeds are native to Southern Europe and the Mediterranean region.As with all seeds, toasting them will bring out more of the aromatic flavor. If your recipe calls for cracked or crushed coriander, buy whole coriander and crack or crush it yourself (either spin it quickly in a blender or hammer slightly in a sealable bag). This will produce the best, freshest taste.Coriander Seeds, a versatile ingredient used whole or ground it provides a delicate fragrant flavour.



Indian households are stacked withpulses, beans and lentils of many types and frequently come as a part of daily cooking menu.We offer high yielding pulses that are widely used for harvesting of dry grain. Our wide range of pulses includes various types of bean, pea, gram and many more. Our range of pulses provides suitable cultivation in any season and thereby benefiting the user. Pulses like horsegram or the exceptionally delicious motdal are nutritious and flavourful and also provide many health benefits like lowering Cholesterol or preventing blood sugar. Kashmiri rajma is known for its aromatic and earthy taste and a perfect companion with rice and is also a good source of proteins, calcium and minerals.

Wheat Flour(Atta)

wheat flour

Roti’s and Chapatti’s are the must have’s in any Indian house. Without them our lunch or dinner doesn’t look complete. When we are so much dependent on them, it’s very important to get best quality wheat flour and maida flours. Buy flour online at Bigbasket.com for high quality products at reasonable prices. Since you need those flours in large quantity it’s good to buy online as we deliver them at your door steps. Wheat atta is not only used for roti’s but also for snacks, dosa’s and many delicacies. If you walk in to any south Indian houses, they would serve you Ragi roti’s or ragi balls. Though it may look black in color, Ragi is one food which has high Iron content and has huge nutritional value.